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OEM Completes Graphics for Upcoming Apple® iPad® Game Application

We recently completed the graphics to be used in a "torpedo alley" style game application for the Apple iPad, iPhone®, and iTouch®. The game is deceptively simple: shoot a futuristic submarine with a torpedo and blow it up. Ah, but the sub is protected by four mini-subs that constantly circle it at a high rate of speed, making it difficult for a torpedo to get through their "net." And if that isn't bad enough, the big sub can only be destroyed if it's hit in two "kill zones" (green glowing areas). For a bit of realism, the torpedos leave a trail of bubbles through the water as they make their way to their target. If you are successful, you are rewarded with a great-looking explosion.

At present, the tentative name for the game is Torpedo Alley, but may change due to copyright issues with the original arcade game of the same name.

June 2010

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OEM Chosen To Animate Two 21-Minute Episodes for Pre-School Children's TV Series

Yes, it's certainly far afield from what we usually do. But the producers at Jordle Productions in Las Vegas, NV clearly saw our animation capabilities independent of content. We were selected to animate two 21-minute episodes that teach pre-school children the capital letters of the alphabet A-M and N-Z. Variations of the final letter "Z" were done to accommodate "Zee" (US) versus "Zed" (Canadian and British) audiences. Scripts and voiceover tracks were provided; however we were given very wide latitude in how we interpreted the script directions.

August 2010

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